Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre

Iraq - Sulaymaniyah


National staff. Approximately half have disabilities.


Prostheses applied


Physiotherapy treatments

A Centre that offers the possibility of a self-sufficient life to mine amputees.

To this day, North Iraq is still infested with millions of anti-personnel mines. These devices were used – and still are in many conflicts – to jeopardize the resilience of a Country: a disadvantaged, non self-sufficient population in need of economic and health support is a burden for any state emerging from war. In many cases, the patient is unable to provide for themself and their family, and carry the the risk of being marginalised by their community.

When we arrived in Iraq in 1995, we started a hospital to treat the victims of war and anti-personnel mines in particular. We soon realised, however, that healthcare could not end once a patient was dicharged, as amputees were then often tasked with the challenge of dealing with a disability in a poor, conflict-ridden Country on their own.

Beyond the cure

This is why we have opened the EMERGENCY Rehabilitation and Reintegration Centre: here, patients undergo physiotherapy and prosthetic treatment and can attend vocational training courses to learn a vocation that is compatible with the handicap.

We give patients their autonomy back

In order to facilitate their movement and guarantee the patient’s autonomy in their homes, we have also launched the home modification programme, where architectural barriers are removed from one’s home.
The Centre is the only specialist, free facility in the area, and has become a landmark for all of Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Professional training for patients

In order to facilitate the social reintegration of sick and disabled patients, we regularly arrange vocational training courses in iron, wood and leatherwork for tailoring and shoe production at the Centre. At the end of the course, we offer economics and management assistance to the graduates in order for them to open cooperatives or craft workshops.

This project is funded by European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

The project was made possible with the 8X1000 contribution from the Christian Evangelical Baptist Union of Italy (UCEBI)

Help us treat victims of war

Help us treat victims of war
It is thanks to thousands of people like you that our surgeons and nurses are able to care for those who need it, free of charge and without discrimination.