Castel Volturno Outpatient Clinic

Italy - Castel Volturno (Caserta)




Start of activities

In Castel Volturno, migrants and other vulnerable population groups can receive free basic healthcare and the help of our mediators.

Our Outpatient Clinics offer free, basic and specialist medical services and socio-sanitary assistance to facilitate access to the healthcare system to those who need it.

Cultural mediators inform patients about their rights, help them access National Health Service services, accompany them in case they have to undergo visits or specialist examinations at public facilities, deal with practices for issuing Stp codes (Temporarily Present Foreigners) and Eni (Non-registered European) which guarantees foreign nationals and new EU members citizens access to the Public Health Service.

All services provided at the outpatient clinic are free of charge

We guarantee access to healthcare in a troubled territory

Since 2013, with the help of our mobile clinic, we have been active in one of the areas with the highest numbers of migrants in Italy. According to a report by the International Institute for Migration, it is estimated that foreigners represent a third of the population resident there. Day after day, we were able to touch upon all the difficulties of accessing care in an area where urban degradation is accompanied by the strong presence of organised crime.

Treatment for victims of exploitation

Patients are mostly men who are employed in construction and agriculture, often in conditions of heavy exploitation. The conditions that we experience – skin and respiratory tract infections, musculoskeletal problems … – are often a direct consequence of the unhealthy living conditions that these people experience. Overcrowding, poor sanitary conditions and lack of electricity are common problems in many homes in the area. Hypertension problems are also common due to incorrect feeding and low perception of the problem.

Information on the main conditions we encounter and their prevention is also available at the Outpatient Clinic.

Information and disease prevention for ‘commercial sex workers’

In the Caserta area, our mobile information and prevention unit is also active in order to facilitate the access of sex workers to health services and to increase awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and behaviours to prevent risk.

Covid-19: support in booking the COVID-19 vaccine

Since the end of June 2021, we have been offering assistance to irregular migrants in the area in booking the Covid-19 vaccination.

Our staff provides support in the use of the online booking platform, helping them to fill in the form. In the Outpatient Clinic, we also continue to raise awareness and provide information on the importance of vaccinations and how they work.


Contacts and directions

Ambulatorio di EMERGENCY a Castel Volturno
Via Domitiana, 288
81030 Castel Volturno (CE)
Tel: +39 342 0999790

Opening hours
From Monday to Friday, 9.00-18.00

How to get there
Bus: M1 – M1b – T51

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