Marghera Outpatient Clinic

Italy - Marghera (Venice)




Voluntary staff


Start of activities

Basic and specialist health care, socio-sanitary guidance for migrants and people in need.

Our Outpatient Clinics offer free basic and specialist medical services and socio-sanitary assistance to facilitate access to the healthcare system to those who need it.

Cultural mediators inform patients about their rights, help them access the public health service, accompany them in case they have to undergo visits or specialist examinations at public facilities, deal with the documents for issuing STP codes (Temporarily Present Foreigner) and ENI (non registered European citizens), guaranteeing access to the public health service for foreigners and EU citizens.

A psychological support service for the most vulnerable people is also active at the Marghera Outpatient Clinic.

All the services provided by the Outpatient Clinic are free of charge.

One out of five patients is Italian

Many migrants in the area, primarily from Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan and Northern Africa, and Bangladesh, go to the EMERGENCY Health Centre in Marghera. But not only them: about one in five patients is Italian.

The project works in collaboration with local health authorities. With the exception of some health and coordination figures that guarantee the ongoing operation of the service, the medical, health and administrative staff at the Outpatient Clinic work voluntarily and free of charge.

The Marghera Outpatient Clinic was started thanks to the funding of Smemoranda Foundation.

Thanks also to the support of Beneficentia Stiftung &

Contacts and directions

Poliambulatorio di EMERGENCY a Marghera
Via G.B. Varè 6
30175 Marghera (VE)
Tel: +39 041 0994114
Fax: +39 041 928475

Opening hours
From Monday to Friday, 9.00-18.00

How to get there
Bus: 3 – 6 – 6/ – 15 – 25
Bus (suburban): Dolo – Padua – Strà
Train: Venice – Mestre

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