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Mobile clinics that provide healthcare and guidance in disadvantaged areas.

In order to facilitate access to care for the most vulnerable sections of the population, since 2011 we have created several mobile clinics and mobile units working in agricultural areas, urban peripheries, refugee camps, and regions affected by natural disasters.

These are motorised vehicles of various kinds set up in a special way to make our work as effective as possible. Thanks to the mobile structures, we are able to reach isolated areas where there are no medical facilities and to move, even in urban environments, to the areas where our intervention is most necessary.

The Polibuses, the Politruck and the Mini Van

The Polibuses are two coaches with a clinic area, a waiting room and a waiting area. Similar but bigger is the Politruck.

We offer free of charge, basic health care and socio-sanitary assistance to help those who need it access the healthcare system.

Cultural mediators inform patients about their rights, help them access the National Health Service, accompany them in case they have to undergo visits or specialist examinations at public facilities, deal with the practices for issuing Stp codes (Temporary Foreigner Permits) and Eni (Non-registered EU citizens), guaranteeing access to the public health service for foreigners and EU citizens.

All EMERGENCY Mobile Clinics interventions are carried out in collaboration with local authorities and health authorities.

Following the earthquake that affected central Italy in summer 2016, one of the Polibuses is working in the area, while the other is working in the province of Latina, near Rome.

The Polituck operates in areas of Milan with high levels deprivation and marginalisation.

The Mobile Unit of information and prevention

A mobile unit is active in Caserta, working towards providing health information and disease prevention for commercial sex workers.

Where to find us

Mobile clinic in Latina’s area: download the timetable

Mobile clinic in Milan: download the timetable


The project in Latina is cofunded by the “Otto per mille” of the Italian Waldensian Church

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