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Our work at the Information Point in Palermo has come to an end

After 13 years, and having provided over 104,000 services to the most vulnerable people in society, we ended our work in Palermo in October 2019. We handed the facilities and equipment over to the provincial health service, which will use them for its local healthcare unit for migrants.

In light of increased health services in the city, thanks in part to our work raising awareness among the regional and local authorities, we decided not to continue our work in Palermo, as it was no longer vital.

But we have not stopped working in Sicily. We have moved to the fascia trasformata, the so-called ‘transformed area’ in the province of Ragusa, home to a high number of agricultural labourers and more than 30 unbroken kilometres of greenhouses.

We are still committed to raising awareness about the importance of services of cultural mediation and basic medicine.

The first EMERGENCY clinic in Italy

In 2006 EMERGENCY opened its first clinic in Italy, in Palermo, to provide free basic and specialist medical services to local people who had no access to any, for legal or financial reasons.

To help people in need get into the healthcare system, the clinic also offered health education services.

The project was launched in collaboration with the general management of ASP 6, the provincial health service in Palermo, who renovated and gave us the facilities for the clinic.

Over the years, the healthcare model for vulnerable people in Palermo has evolved to meet many of the needs of the local area. This is why we decided, in March 2019, to convert the clinic into a health education help point, before eventually handing it over to the health service.



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