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Start of activities

An Information Point for Socio-Medical Counselling for a city in need

In March 2019, after assessing the services available to people in Palermo, we transformed EMERGENCY’s Clinic, which had been operating in the city since 2006, into an Information Point for Socio-Medical Counselling.

At the Palermo Information Point, cultural mediators provide guidance about how to get proper access to treatment. They take foreign citizens, and indeed anyone in need, to public facilities and help them overcome the linguistic, cultural or logistical barriers that stop or make it difficult for them to obtain access to the national healthcare system, and therefore to treatment.

Our decision to turn the Clinic into an Information Point

Over the years, Palermo has developed a healthcare model for its most vulnerable people that now meets much of the area’s needs. Despite having to close our Clinic as a result, we decided to continue our activities in the city with an Information Point instead, as this kind of assistance is still not available.

Palermo, home of the first EMERGENCY Clinic in Italy

In 2006, we decided to open the Palermo Clinic, EMERGENCY’s first in Italy, to provide free basic and specialist medicine for people who otherwise had no access to it due to their income or legal status.
To make it easier for people in need to access the healthcare system, the clinic also offered health education and promotion services.
The project was started in collaboration with the management of the ASP (Provincial Healthcare Authority) 6 in Palermo, which made the buildings for the clinic available and renovated them.

In the 12 years that we ran the Clinic, we treated over 15,000 people, providing over 103,000 services.

The Palermo Information Point is dedicated to Giovanni Lo Porto, a man of peace killed by the folly of war.

Contacts and directions

Information Point for Socio-Medical Counselling in Palermo
Via Gaetano La Loggia 5/a
90129 Palermo
Tel: +39 091 6529498
Fax: +39 091 6512553

Opening hours
From Monday to Friday, 9.00-18.00

How to get there
Bus: 309 – 339 – 389 – 105 da Piazza Indipendenza in the direction of Corso Calatafimi


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