Polistena Outpatient Clinic

Italy - Polistena (Reggio Calabria)




Start of activities

It was a building confiscated from the ‘Ndrangheta, a Calabrian Mafia group. Today, it is a cultural centre that works against the Mafia, where EMERGENCY has an Outpatient Clinic.

Our Outpatient Clinic offers free of charge basic medical services, psychological support, and socio-sanitary assistance to facilitate access to the healthcare system to those who need it.

Cultural mediators inform patients about their rights, help them access the public health service, accompany them in case they have to undergo visits or specialist examinations at public facilities, deal with the documents for issuing STP codes (Temporarily Present Foreigner) and ENI (non registered European citizens), guaranteeing access to the public health service for foreigners and EU citizens.

All the services provided by the Outpatient Clinic are free of charge.

Health care for agricultural labourers

Even before opening the Outpatient Clinic, we knew the area well: in 2011, we started working with a Mobile clinic that provided assistance to migrants working as labourers in the countryside of Piana di Gioia Tauro.

Even today our patients include many farm labourers. They suffer from musculoskeletal pain, dermatitis and gastrointestinal disorders, all pathologies due to difficult living and working conditions.

COVID-19: Rapid swab service for the most vulnerable people

As of the end of November, EMERGENCY has started running a rapid swab service for the most vulnerable people in the area and those most at risk from the virus.

At a drive-in tent set up for the purpose, EMERGENCY will give medical, nursing and logistical support, providing a doctor and a nurse at its facility.

The service, launched at the request of Polistena municipal council, will last until 15 December 2020, temporarily resuming on 22 and 23 December 2020. 

Practical Instructions

The service is free and open to all, provided they write to richiestatampone@comune.polistena.rc.it in advance.

The swabs will be done over three hours at a drive-in tent set up for the purpose in the Trinità pedestrian area. To avoid crowding and keep distances between people, you can only come to the facility by car from Via Jemma, and leave by Via Trinità.

Tests will be processed straight away and the results sent to the patients in about half an hour.

Collaboration with the social entities of the territory

Polistena Outpatient Clinic is made possible in collaboration with Libera, Valle del Marro Cooperative, Santa Marina Vergine Parish and Unicoop Florence’s “Il cuore si scioglie” Foundation, which are building a cultural movement in the city against the mafia in a building confiscated from ‘Ndrangheta, assigned to the Santa Marina Virgo Parish and restored thanks to the foundation “Fondazione con il Sud”.

Contacts and directions

Poliambulatorio di EMERGENCY a Polistena
via Catena 45, secondo piano
Polistena (RC)
Tel: +39 0966 444400
Tel: +39 347 6308217 (Project coordinator)
Fax: +39 0966 042027

Opening hours
From Monday to Friday, 9.00-18.00

How to get there
Bus: Lirosi towards Polistena
Train: Gioia Tauro station, then Lirosi bus line towards Polistena
Car: from ROSARNO, SS682 Jonio-Tirreno exit to Polistena;
from TAURIANOVA/CINQUEFRONDI SS536 exit to Polistena-via Catena

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