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Start of activities

Psychological and nursing assistance for the population affected by the earthquake in Central Italy.

Since the summer of 2016, Central Italy has been hit by repeated earthquakes and aftershocks. In the subsequent months, weather conditions have further damaged an area that had already been left in dire condition by the earthquake, making daily life very difficult for the population – and not only in mountain villages. Even in the last few months, several new shocks were recorded.

We began working in Lazio after an earthquake hit Amatrice in the Summer of 2016 by analyzing the needs of the area and providing logistical and nursing support. Since February 2017, following requests from local institutions and in collaboration with ASL Termano (Montorio and Voman districts), we provided psychological assistance and nursing services in some areas of Teramo that were affected by the natural disaster. These include: Castelli, Nerito and Montorio al Vomano. Due to persistent tremors and heavy snowfall during the winter period, the remaining population in the affected villages lived in a state of constant unease and psychological fragility.

Our team – consisting of a psychologist, a nurse and a logistician – provides free assistance in an area of multiple needs, where health services cannot cope.

At the beginning of March 2018, a second team, composed of a nurse of psychologist, started working in the Macerata area, in Camerino, Muccia, Pieve Torina and Visso. In collaboration with ASUR Marche – Area Vasta 3.


"They are afraid, the continual aftershocks and the extraordinary snowfall over the winter have brought people to their knees. They suffered a major economic blow: especially in the hamlets around Amatrice – only a few businesses are still open. But they are showing a strong sense of dignity through the pain and difficulties, a strong attachment to their own land and a desire to start again. And we are here to help them."

Daniela, EMERGENCY staff

The Mini Van and Mobile Unit

To guarantee access to our services to as many people as possible, our programme in central Italy includes a Mini Van and Mobile Unit, in order to easily reach isolated areas.

The Minivan is located in the Distretto Sanitario di Base di Montorio al Vomano, whereas our Mobile Unit operates in the most vulnerable areas of the Marche. In Camerino we mainly work in facilities made available to us thanks to local authorities.

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