Medical Care and Psychological Assistance to Refugees Fleeing the War in Ukraine.

Moldova - Bălți

In Bălți, the second most populous city in Moldova, an EMERGENCY team is providing primary medical care and psychological assistance to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.


Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. It has received a high influx of refugeees:

Hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the war in Ukraine have so far passed through this country. Mostly women, elderly people and many children.

Since the first days of the conflict, the country has immediately set up several reception centres to provide initial assistance, food and care for refugees, and to facilitate their transit to the countries they are headed.

Here is What We Are Doing

In mid-March, an EMERGENCY team went to Moldova to assess the needs of the population and identify the best way for us to intervene in collaboration with the local health authorities.

Since the beginning of April, we have been working in Bălți, the second largest city in Moldova, where our Politruck offers health treatment and psychological assistance to around 200 refugees currently hosted in the reception centre, a number that could increase significantly in the coming days.

A team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, cultural mediators and logisticians is committed to offering basic medical care, nursing and psychological support to people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Among the first patients received by our staff, many are elderly people, women and children – mostly suffering from chronic diseases – for whom we ensure continuity of care.


"When we launched medical activities here in Bălți, our Mobile Clinic received mainly adult patients, often elderly people with chronic illnesses, and people in need of psychological support. Those that have fled the conflict are going through an extremely difficult moment of great emotional stress and anxiety. Anxiety about what will happen, anxiety thinking about their loved ones left behind in Ukraine, and also mental and physical exhaustion."

Andrea Bellardinelli, head of EMERGENCY's Migration and Emergencies programme

The Politruck

The Politruck is the largest of EMERGENCY’s mobile clinics. It is equipped with a waiting room, two outpatient clinics and a station for psychological counselling and mediation interviews.

Thanks to the mobility of the Outpatient Clinic, we will be able to operate in various places, and to scale up and adapt our response where it’s needed most.