Piedmont: support, advice and training at care homes


Old people in state-run care homes have been among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 medical crisis in Italy. Which is why between May and July 2020, we started a support project at those places, providing training, advice and monitoring to protect the health of both their residents and their staff.

The project is run in collaboration with the regional government of Piedmont and Confindustria Piemonte. We share protocols and documents with them and give them specific medical, as well as logistical, advice, so the staff at the homes can properly enforce the rules on cleaning, disinfection and prevention, and manage flows of people and handle suspected cases.

The epidemic could resurface in the coming months, which means the health of the most vulnerable needs the utmost protection, and more of a humanitarian spirit than ever. That’s why our project in Piedmont will keep going until the Covid-19 crisis is over in our country.

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