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Health care for children in an extremely disadvanataged area inhabited by 800,000 people, where there are no other high quality healthcare facilities.

Every day, our staff makes over 80 visits, ususally diagnosing malaria, gastrointestinal infections and respiratory diseases. The Centre offers free care for children up to 14: in 2015, 40% of the patients were under 1 year old, 85% less than five years old.

At the Paediatric Centre, children can complete the vaccine under international protocols, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Together with the Port Sudan Nursing Academy, we also train local staff through an on-the-job training program and theoretical lessons.

The preventative medicine program

Thanks to the co-financing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Italian Cooperation, we have launched a preventative medicine outreach program: our health promoters visit communities within the area once a week to inform families about vaccinations and good practices to follow in order to minimize the risks of contracting malaria and other infectious diseases, to offer nutrition advice, and to monitor pregnancies.

An innovative structure

The Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan was built also thanks to the contribution of Massimo Grimaldi, an Italian artist who donated the cash prize won at the international contest MAXXI 2per100.

The Centre also received a prestigious award in 2013, the Gold Medal Giancarlo Ius, dedicated to the most innovative and sustainable architecture in terms of energy saving and renewable energy use.

The Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan is co-funded by the European Union

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