First Aid Trauma Posts (FATP)

Sierra Leone - Waterloo


Continuous activity



Even after the end of the Ebola outbreak, Sierra Leone needs help: the epidemic, in fact, has made the already weak health system even more precarious.

Because of the virus, Sierra Leone has lost more than 200 healthcare workers: a very high number, especially in a Country that already had only two doctors every 100,000 inhabitants before the virus spread.

We guarantee continuity of service on the territory

In the Waterloo, Western Area Rural District, First Aid Trauma Post (FATP), national staff provides first-aid services 24 hours a day. Thanks to our ambulances, we are always ready to transfer urgent cases to our Goderich hospital where they will receive the necessary surgical assistance.

The main objective is to strengthen the capacity of local healthcare providers to respond to emergencies, especially traumatological, in areas of the Country where the healthcare system is basically non-existent.

Another FATP in Lokomasama, Port Loko District, was opened in November, 2015. Activities in Lokomasama ended in September, 2017.

In the villages to inform the population about basic hygiene practices

The staff of the two FATPs, thanks to our Community Health Officers, also informs the population about basic hygiene practices, prevention of disease transmission, and the importance of timely access to healthcare facilities when needed.


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