Cardiology Outpatient Clinics

Sudan - Wad Madani, Atbara

As the war in Sudan has continued, the need for treatment has also increased. In August 2023, EMERGENCY opened a new Centre for Emergency and Trauma Surgery within the Salam Centre complex, offering free emergency surgery and trauma care (war-wounded and trauma from civilian causes) to people for whom there are no other hospitals available because of the ongoing war.

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A network of clinics to ensure continuity of care for patients treated at the Salam Centre

The ongoing fighting in Sudan is particularly intense in Khartoum, making travel to the capital very difficult: the roads are unsafe, there is a shortage of vehicles and money, and people try to move as little as possible.

In this context, many cardiac surgery patients are unable to travel to the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery for necessary follow-up examinations and medications they need for life following surgery.

To ensure as much continuity of care as possible, we have set up a network of cardiology clinics in several government hospitals in Sudan. They will function as satellite clinics of the Salam Centre and will provide follow-up examinations and anticoagulation therapy for post-operative patients.

In these facilities, we will also provide pre-operative examinations to patients in need of cardiac surgery.

The first satellite clinics, in Wad Madani and in Atbara

The first satellite clinics were opened in Wad Madani, Gezira State, and in Atbara, River Nile State, in mid-August 2023.

The clinics receive an average between 10 and 20 patients per day, both those who used to go to the Salam Centre to have their coagulation checked and receive free medication, and those on the waiting list for cardiac surgery whose health is being monitored.

The clinic staff consists of a medical officer, a nurse and a pharmacist, all with previous experience at the Salam Centre.

In the first two weeks of operation, we received over 160 cardiac patients for coagulation therapy and distributed medicines to over 240 cardiac patients.

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