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Free Paediatric Care in a camp inhabited by over 300,000 refugees and IDP.

In the Mayo camp, about 20 kilometers from Khartoum, live people who ran away from poverty and from the war that has torn the Country apart for twenty years. Half of the population is under 14.

Living conditions in the camp are disastrous: lack of running water and terrible hygiene conditions, along with malnutrition, are the main causes of death among the youngest.

The EMERGENCY Paediatric Centre in Mayo offers free of charge health care for children up to the age of 14, an antenatal care and screening programme for malnutrition.

After the opening of the Centre, the state government of Khartoum has decided to offer free paediatric health services in public hospitals for children under 14. EMERGENCY continues to bear the costs of laboratory examinations and specialist visits for patients transferred.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health we started a vaccination program inside the Mayo camp.

At the paediatric centre two obstetricians are on hand to visit pregnant women, help them through their pregnancy and offer them advice on family planning.

Activities in the field

Our work in Mayo goes beyond what we do in our clinic. As part of our medical outreach programme, we send doctors and nurses to the different neighbourhoods of Mayo. They carry out screening for malnutrition in children and teach families basic hygiene rules to keep them safe from illness.

Together with the Sudanese organisation Mujaddidon, we also organise sanitary and nutritional classes in Mayo’s schools. We also get mothers involved through cooking classes, teaching them how to prepare healthy and nutritious food.

The Paediatric Centre in Mayo is co-funded by the European Union

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