Our concept of healthcare

We believe that medical treatment is a fundamental human right and must be available to everyone: for medical care to be truly accessible, it has to be completely free of charge; for it to be effective, it has to be of excellent quality.

Modern, functional, efficient facilities

We build the hospitals we work in to ensure the highest possible level of treatment. Right from the project proposal stage, our goal is to guarantee an efficient working environment for staff, and a comfortable one for patients.

We use alternative energy sources and ecological waste disposal solutions. We limit our maintenance costs and respect the environment, be it in Khartoum or Kabul.

We also want our hospitals to be beautiful, ‘scandalously beautiful’: because beauty becomes a sign of respect for people deeply impacted by war or illness, and a beautiful place offers the perfect environment for patients to regain their dignity.

Gino Strada, Surgeon and Founder of EMERGENCY

Training and employment for local staff

We intervene in crises, but we also look a bit further ahead: we offer theoretical and practical training for local staff, so they can become autonomous and independent.

When recruiting auxiliary staff, priority is given to the most underprivileged groups. We give widows, amputees and war victims the chance to earn a living and be independent.

The Gardens

All our hospitals have a garden, a play area for children and meeting places. Our hospitals are attractive as well as practical, because beauty is an acknowledgement of respect and dignity.

Our patients gather around these gardens of roses, sunflowers and flowering bushes. Those few square feet of color and peace become a meeting point, a place to ease minds.

Roberto, EMERGENCY nurse in Afghanistan

Over 80,000 meals provided each month

We guarantee three meals a day for our patients and their relatives. We provide over 80,000 meals a month in countries where patients normally have to pay for their food in hospitals.

To find out if we have achieved our goal, we ask a simple question: "Would I let my mother or brother stay in this hospital?" If the answer is "yes", it means we are doing a good job.

Luca, EMERGENCY nurse and Medical Coordinator in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2016.

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