The organisation

EMERGENCY is a recognised NGO

EMERGENCY was founded in Milan, Italy, in 1994.

It was recognized as an NGO in 1999 and as an official partner of the UN Department of Public Information in 2006.

Since 2015, we have been part of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) as an Associate with Special Consultative Status.

Since January 2018, we have been official partner of EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid (ECHO).

In November 2020, the EU Humanitarian Partnership Certificate was awarded to EMERGENCY as a result of the positive assessment of the partnership application to the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operation (ECHO).
With this certificate, EMERGENCY is considered suitable to apply for EU funding for the implementation of humanitarian aid actions.


As a charitable organisation, EMERGENCY is governed by a statute and by statutory bodies.

The statutory bodies

Members Board composed of 109 members

Board of Directors

Rossella Miccio, President
Alessandro Bertani, Vice-President
Roberta Borroni, Treasurer
Pietro Protasi, Secretary
Gino Strada, Executive Director
Diederik Bangert
Andrea Bellardinelli

Simona Bottone
Nico Colonna
Giandomenico Crespi
Paola Feo
Simonetta Gola
Roberto Lanzi
Maurizio Massaro


Stefano Pallottino
Raul Pantaleo
Pietro Parrino
Alberto Sonino
Mario Spallino
Enrico Stagni

Executive Committee

Alessandro Bertani
Roberta Borroni
Simonetta Gola

Rossella Miccio
Pietro Parrino
Pietro Protasi
Gino Strada

Arbiters Board

Antonio Giacalone

Giovanni Hoepli

Gabriele Pardo

Auditors Board

Alberto Di Fresco, Presidente

Cinzia Gipponi

Marcello Wagner


The Supervisory Board oversees the operation and the observance of the Organisational, Management and Control Model and of the Code of Ethics, as well as their updating. Its current members are Giulio Graziani (President), Angelo Caressa (Secretary) and Stefano Lagorio. You can contact the Supervisory Board by e-mail at


By adopting this Code of Conduct, EMERGENCY aims to further promote the values on which its operational activity is based, and is committed to fully respecting these provisions.


In order to ensure fairness and transparency in the conduct of our activities, we have set up an Organisation, Management and Control Model.

Pursuant to article 14, paragraph 2, of the Code of the Third Sector, remuneration to administrative bodies in the year 2019 was € 562,687.
Remuneration and compensations of any kind for associates in 2019 totalled €769,320. This figure includes pay for employees and collaborators (see previous paragraph).
Remuneration to auditing bodies in the year 2019 was € 41,130.
Remuneration was provided through contracts of employment or professional collaboration with one of the bodies and not on the basis of belonging to the organisation.
Roles within the organisation do not receive any form of remuneration.
Refunds for expenses were also paid in 2019, to the tune of €27,432 for employees and €1071 for members of the Board of Directors.


We need your help

Your donation allows us to provide healthcare to those who need it, everyday.