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From Khartoum to Entebbe: Asma’s story


Asma’s journey with EMERGENCY began in Khartoum at the Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery. From graduation onward, Asma was always determined to be part of our team. “I started from the ABCs of my profession,” she says, recalling when she first started working with us as a laboratory technician.  

After Sudan, she decided to continue her career path with EMERGENCY, first in Sierra Leone and then in Uganda at our Children’s Surgical Hospital, where she is now Laboratory and Blood Bank Manager 

“My experiences range from cardiac surgery to trauma. Now, at the hospital in Entebbe, I am putting my skills to the test in the paediatric field,” she tells us.  

“My colleagues not only gave me this opportunity: they always inspired me, making me realise that I had the potential to grow, learn and get better and better.” 

In the rooms that house the testing laboratory at the Entebbe Hospital, Asma now coordinates the activities of 12 other laboratory specialists.  

Together with them and all the colleagues working in our hospitals around the world, Asma carries out our idea of care every day: free, high-quality, without discrimination.