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A Typical Saturday


An example of our focus on outreach can be seen in Port Sudan, where we have set up initiatives for the village population with the purpose of educating and raising awareness about good dietary and hygiene practices.

Every Saturday, thanks to our partnership with some locals, we identify the most needy areas and organise meetings in which our health promoters engage, above all, women and children. We speak about a balanced diet, careful handwashing, and disease prevention. Thanks to big colourful images, conversations, games and songs, which catch the attention of our youngest audience members, we can teach how to prevent risk of infectious diseases and look after one’s health, with simple measures that can be put into practice even in areas with few resources.

In these photos, you can see Fatima, Wadiya, Wadiya, Salima and Farida: the ‘ambassadors’ of our outreach program in Port Sudan. With them is also Motasim, the nurses’ team leader. He coordinates the activities concerning preventive medicine such as vaccinations, malnutrition and heart disease screenings. Since 2014, we have reached more than 42,000 people. To bring our concept of healthcare beyond the walls of our hospitals is fundamental, to build a relationship of trust and help people lay the foundations for a healthier and more informed life.