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The European Union proves once again that it doesn’t understand the humanitarian crisis it’s facing. Proposals to manage the flow of incoming migrants from North Africa are leaning towards the militarisation of the Mediterranean and the countries through which migrants pass. Funding migrant centres in Libya, which are in all respects areas of detention and […]

Another obstacle to the safety of thousands of people

Closing Italian ports to NGO rescue ships will be another obstacle to the safety of thousands of people. We continue to ignore that, today, rescue operations at sea are the only real measure to avoid the deaths of men, women and children fleeing from their countries in search of protection from war, poverty and persecution. […]

Kabul car bombing: 69 injured hospitalised at the EMERGENCY Surgery Hospital

Kabul car bombing: 69 injured hospitalised at the EMERGENCY Surgery Hospital. This morning, at 8:30 am, Kabul was hit by yet another attack: a car bomb explosion, at a time when the streets were very crowded, has caused tens of deaths and hundreds of wounded in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, the embassy area. The […]

EMERGENCY on the Syria Attacks: A Failed Approach Is Being Repeated

The massacre in Idlib was the latest in a series of extremely extremly serious incidents during the war in Syria. Before the massacre, there were two choices: to stop and realise that we are accelerating down the road of self-destruction or to react to violence with more violence. The second choice was made. The decision […]

Gino Strada, Renzo Piano and President Museveni place the first stone of EMERGENCY’s new Centre of excellence for Paediatric Surgery in Uganda.

On February 10, in Entebbe, Uganda, EMERGENCY NGO founder Gino Strada and architect Renzo Piano, in the presence of President Museveni and Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, laid down the first stone of a new project: an EMERGENCY Centre of excellence for Paediatric Surgery, which will be built at Lake Victoria, 35 kilometers […]

EMERGENCY opposes the European Council and Italian government’s recent measures regarding migrants and refugees

EMERGENCY opposes the European Council and Italian government’s recent measures regarding migrants and refugees.The number of people fleeing war and poverty increases around the world. Meanwhile, European leaders and the Italian government continue to respond by proposing a stop to the flow of people and the construction of barriers, without any plan to inhibit the […]

Gino Strada receives the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize in Seoul

Today in Seoul, South Korea, Gino Strada, surgeon and co-founder? of EMERGENCY, received the Sunhak Peace Prize, given each year to individuals and organizations which ?have ?distinguished themselves by ?making ?an important contribution to peace and human development. ?”The medical aid provided to the victims of armed conflicts”, “the efforts in protecting the rights and […]

EMERGENCY in Erbil to guarantee medical assistance to people wounded in Mosul

As the conflict in Mosul, Iraq, intensifies and the humanitarian crisis worsens, EMERGENCY has started working since January 15 on the Emergency Hospital, in cooperation with Iraqi Kurdistan’s Health department. The hospital is a surgical centre in Erbil, in the north of the country. The facility guarantees medical assistance to victims of the conflict. Months […]


On Thursday 8 December, Emergency inaugurates the new building at the Maternity Centre in Anabah, Afghanistan. The expansion of the existing Maternity, which opened in 2003, will enable the organisation to further improve the medical assistance provided to mothers and children living in the Panjshir Valley and surrounding Provinces. Over the years, Emergency’s Maternity Centre […]

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